About Us

International Trade Line, strive to change the life and business of its customers around the world with innovative world-class technologies and products , so Tosolap project was established as a smart project technology ,that brings images to life.

With long tradition of introducing efficient, precise products Tosolap will continue into the future - with the continued development of some of the most advanced micro mechatronics capabilities for ultra fine, high precision processing that are ideal for customers.

Tosolap knows that in today's economy, total cost of ownership is critical to your purchase decision. That is exactly why Tosolap designs projectors with low maintenance requirements and costs, to ensure low total cost of ownership.

Tosolap has a solid presence in B2C fields, such as home appliance, home entertainment, and mobile communications. To support future growth in the B2B market, we keep developing our B2B portfolio. We also prepare for changes in Industry and customer needs.

As the leader in the projection industry, Tosolap continues to deliver high quality projectors
with innovative features for business, education and home theater.

Our mission

Our daily mission is to serve our customers by going the extra mile to build long lasting relationships with our end users, our co-workers, and our accounts, by Delivering high performance products, services and solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Branches